Basic Science and Clinical Research Projects

As part of the academic environment a research component is included in the three year pulmonary/critical care fellowship program. The division is engaged in many grant supported basic science oriented and clinical research projects. All fellows are expected to participate in one or more of these projects. During their first year of training fellows will have an opportunity to obtain information about ongoing research through formal divisional research conferences, discussion with the program director and with individual faculty.

After eight months of their first year of fellowship (in March of the following year after beginning of their fellowship in July) fellows will submit a research protocol signed by their tutors/mentor to the Chairman of the Research Committee. This committee will evaluate the merits of the protocol and determine whether the research will be conducted concomitantly with other assignments or whether a determined block of dedicated research month will be given to the fellow. 

Fellows will be assigned according to their preference to a faculty member as tutor/mentor, who will closely supervise the fellow to assure a productive learning experience. Fellows are expected to present their research results at national meetings and achieve publication of their work in peer reviewed journals. Fellows will learn study design and interpretation of research data, learn research methods and will receive instruction about critical assessment of basic and clinical research.