Clinical Physiology Rotation

A clinical physiology rotation is a unique opportunity to learn the foundations of pulmonary function testing as well as the principle of pulmonary physiology under expert supervision. We provide our fellows with this exposure because we believe a solid understanding of pulmonary physiology remains essential to understand the effects of disease, and that pathophysiology is the bridge between cellular events and the patient’s experience.
This rotation requires extensive reading on the part of the fellow in addition to providing hands-on training in the pulmonary function, exercise testing, laboratory management, and quality control. The fellows will also meet individually with attending who have extensive background in physiology and pulmonary function testing. At this meeting we will review pulmonary function testing and will provide an opportunity to discuss a variety of physiology topics.

Finally, this rotation will provide time for fellows to be introduced to pulmonary rehabilitation. Pulmonary rehabilitation is getting more recognition for its impact on the quality of life and function status of patients with chronic lung disease especially chronic obstructive lung disease. Fellows will participate in twice weekly sessions with patients undergoing pulmonary rehabilitation. They will provide initial assessments, aid in completing quality of life questionnaires and conduct education sessions. This will occur at the VA Medical Center.