Program Curriculum Overview

Our overarching goal is to produce the next generation of leaders in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine.

In addition, the goals of the program are:

  • Provide fellows with an educational program that will prepare them for a lifelong practice of quality Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine.
  • Graduate professionally skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate, scholarly, and scientifically oriented pulmonologists and critical care specialists.
  • Provide a framework of training such that the graduating fellows remain “lifelong learners” and retain their interest and professional competency in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine.
  • Reinforce the values of selfless care of patients, ethical conduct of research, respect for the public trust, and service to the scientific community.
  • Prepare fellows to successfully obtain certification and become diplomats of Pulmonary Diseases as well as Critical Care Medicine.

The majority of fellowship learning is experiential. Therefore, our program provides clinical rotations in a variety of different settings to establish a broad background from which to gain knowledge and supplement it with focused readings. The fellowship also has a didactic program for more formulized instruction. Finally each fellow will receive an extensive