Pulmonary Medicine Continuity Clinic

Longitudinal Experience (Jackson Medical Center and VA Medical Center):

The Pulmonary Medicine Continuity Clinic will develop and maintain the fellows’ skills necessary to provide effective continuity care for patients with pulmonary problems in the outpatient setting. Fellows will start to develop the skills necessary in the diagnosis and management of common ambulatory respiratory problems. They will be exposed to patients with more complex pulmonary problems and with proper supervision will learn how to address these problems. They will become aware of appropriate preventive health measures. They will begin to develop skill to effectively serve as outpatient consultants and convey their findings and solutions of patients’ problems to the requesting physicians. They will collaborate with other health care professionals and coordinate their patients’ management with ancillary health care entities such as home health care, durable medical equipment suppliers, social services and community support services.

Specialty Clinics Rotation:

The Specialty Clinics Rotation gives the fellows the opportunity to work in a selection of clinics that are dedicated to the treatment of specific diseases. For the most part, these clinics manage unique patients with rare diseases. The clinics vary in their structure and function with some providing short-term consultation for referring physicians and others providing longitudinal care over longer periods. All bring together clinicians, basic scientists, nurses, case managers, research coordinators and other personal devoted to the understanding the pathogenesis, finding new treatments, and delivering the finest care to the patients under their wings. Fellows will be given a weekly schedule and rotate through specified clinics throughout the week. The clinics involve patients with cystic fibrosis, non-CF bronchiectasis, interstitial lung diseases, lung transplantation, and sleep medicine