News : 2016 : February

MHRI Research Grants Awarded

Miami Heart Research Institute and Florida Heart Research Foundation awarded a research grant to the University of Miami, Department of Medicine for cardiovascular research studies over the next five years.

The 2016 Research Recipients/Projects are:

  • Dr. Nanette Bishopric will investigate molecular changes seen in cardiac hypertrophy (enlargement/thickening of the heart), looking into the signal that leads to this abnormal thickening and ways to inhibit that kind of heart condition.
  • Dr. Chunming Dong will study the molecular mechanisms by which cocaine effects the cardiovascular system, thereby laying the groundwork for targeting interventions. Cocaine use increases both heart rate and blood pressure, while it constricts the arteries supplying blood to the heart, decreasing oxygen supply. This often causes a heart attack even in healthy people. Cocaine accounts for almost one-third of emergency room visits for drug abuse.
  • Dr. Robert Myerburg plans to study family members of patients who have Long-QT syndrome to identify the genetic mutation that underlies this condition. The Long-QT syndrome is a defect of the heart’s electrical activity that may cause dangerous, fast and chaotic heartbeats (arrhythmias) that can result in sudden death.
  • Dr. Lina Shehadeh will look into the cellular mechanisms underlying fibrosis of the heart which is a pathologic thickening of the heart which leads to abnormal relaxation of the muscle, a process that contributes to the development of heart failure.