Improved approaches for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases….

Miami is at the epicenter of the AIDS epidemic and our research focus reflects this. Most of the ID Faculty engage in clinical care for individuals living with HIV/AIDS as well as basic and clinical AIDS-related research, education and prevention. Faculty in the Division play leadership roles in the federally-supported Center for AIDS Research which is the only AIDS Center in Florida. ID Faculty also have leadership roles in the Institute for AIDS and Emerging Infectious Diseases. The establishment of this Institute has helped coordinate a coordinated response not only to the threat of HIV but also, emerging pathogens such as Zika Virus. The Institute leads efforts to lobby State support for AIDS research and a Research Unit, under the direction of Dr Campo, has been established to promote patient-based clinical and translational research studies.

The ID Faculty have a significant portfolio of NIH awards as well as funding from the CDC. Research by ID Faculty includes the identification of new drugs with which to inhibit HIV/AIDS. Our faculty are exploring strategies with which to cure HIVinfection. Some of our faculty are exploring the ability of antiretrovirals to prevent infection in high-risk individuals while others are engaged in identification of vaccine strategies to ameliorate disease in infected individuals. Improving management of infection through antimicrobial stewardship is a research focus of several of our faculty. Several faculty have interests in HIV/AIDS associated opportunistic infections including hepatitis C and tuberculosis.

Our faculty play integral roles in the Medical School’s oncology and transplant programs and have significant expertise in the prevention and management of infectious complications of immunocompromised patients. ID Faculty play important roles in the operation of the Miami Transplant Institute (MTI) that is amongst the most active centers in the US for multi-organ transplant. The MTI is a rich resource for transplant-related research projects. The ultimate goal is to translate laboratory and clinical research findings into improved approaches for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.