Educational Offerings

University of Miami Hospital and Clinics

The Division of Hospital Medicine participates with the School of Medicine and with the Internal Medicine Residency Program by staffing two teaching wards teams at UHealth Tower, by training residents at Jackson Memorial Hospital to do bedside procedures and by offering ultrasound courses.

Teaching Ward Teams
Two Academic Teams with up to 16 patients each are staffed by supervising Hospital Medicine Faculty at UHealth Tower. Assigned teaching Faculty remains physically available in hospital until late afternoon providing constant direct and indirect supervision. At night, Division’s faculty are available to residents in person by our Nocturnists or via telephone to their teaching faculty.

Procedure Team
The Division of Hospital Medicine staffs a procedures rotation at Jackson Memorial Hospital. It consists of a month-long assignment for second and third year residents of the Internal Medicine and combined Internal Medicine-Pediatric residency programs. Residents are trained on a variety of bedside ultrasound guided-procedures such as paracentesis, thoracentesis, lumbar punctures and central line placements.  Rotation starts with a three-day simulation at the UM Gordon Simulation Laboratory.

Point of Care Ultrasound Course Elective
Directed by one of our faculty members, this interactive course utilizes simulation, lectures, hands-on sessions and online modules to teach residents the use of clinical bedside diagnostic ultrasound. The course covers general principles of ultrasound and provides residents basic knowledge to evaluate cardiac, pulmonary, abdominal, renal and vascular systems. We plan to extend this course from its current classroom format to U-Health Towers teaching teams.

Hospital Medicine Elective
The Hospital Medicine Elective provides residents who are interested in a career in Hospital Medicine an opportunity to gain insights into the Hospitalist’s model of healthcare delivery. This career development elective provides residents with instruction in the four domains of a hospitalist life – the business of medicine, quality and safety, leadership and teaching.